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Wildlife Rehabilitation

713Wildlife rehabilitation is the treatment and care of injured, orphaned, or sick wild animals so that they can be released back to the wild.

Sarett Nature Center is not a rehabilitation facility.

It is illegal to possess a wild animal without a license. Specialized care is needed for these animals, such as proper food and/or formula, cages, diets and medical treatment. The risk of injury, disease and parasites can be harmful to untrained persons.

Please call us at 269-927-4832 with any questions. 

If you have found a baby animal, please follow the information on this website:

What to do if you find an injured/abandoned animal

Or, call us at Sarett Nature Center BEFORE you “rescue” the animal. The best chance for that animal is to remain in the wild.


To locate a wildlife rehabilitator, please look on the link below for the list of licensed wildlife rehabilitators in each county of Michigan.

Persons who are licensed through the State of Michigan are not employees of the state.

Not all rehabilitators are listed, but those that are may be able to help you get in touch with unlisted rehabilitators. Remember, rehabilitators have other jobs, families and other duties besides wildlife rehabilitation. Please leave messages and wait patiently for them to call you back.

Michigan DNR Wildlife Rehabilitator List


Wildlife rehabilitators are, in general, unpaid volunteers. Their funding for the expenses of rehabilitating comes from their own pockets or donations from the community or persons giving the animal to them. All donations are greatly appreciated.