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Broad-winged Hawk

broad winged 2018The broad-winged hawk is a migratory species of bird of prey and can be seen in Michigan from around April – October, when the species is nesting and raising their young. They are a migratory species, traveling north in the spring from Central America and South America, nesting in parts of Canada and most of eastern United States.

Kettie is a male broad-winged hawk that sustained injuries in the wild leaving him unable to be released back. His eyesight is compromised in his right eye and he also has right wing nerve injuries. Kettie has been at the Nature Center since the beginning of 2018. We knew Kettie was a juvenile bird, born in 2017, when he moved here due to him still having his immature feathers, which have since molted and is now showing his adult plumage.

Their food habits change slightly throughout the year, but their diet is greatly made of small rodents, insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds. At the Nature Center, Kettie eats a variety of rodents and is fed once a day.kettie 2018

Kettie is not on public display, but visits the Nature Center building for programs with the naturalists and to teach the public about his amazing species. He also travels to schools, nursing and rehabilitation centers and other local places to meet the community! Ask at the Nature Center about future programs for the public involving Kettie or to donate to help with his care.

Life Span: Average is about one year in the wild, oldest age recorded in the wild is 18, in captivity they can live much longer – over 20 years in some cases

Size: 13.4 in – 17.3 in. tall, 31.9 in – 39.4 in wingspan

Food Habits: Carnivore