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Eastern Garter Snake

garter snakeThe eastern garter snake is the most common snake seen in Michigan. This curious reptile usually has three colored stripes running down its body and a black, brown or olive background.

We often see garter snakes slithering through the grasses off the trail. These snakes are nonvenomous and live in a variety of habitats, including meadows, woodlands, gardens and hillsides. Garter snakes like to live near water, and you will often see ours completely submerged in his water dish.garter snake baby

These snakes are non-venomous and eat a variety of small rodents, amphibians, earthworms, insects, and slugs.

Our eastern garter snake ambassador is a juvenile snake. Its favorite food to eat is earthworms and it also enjoys basking on its log. Visit our eastern garter snake today!

Life span: 6-20 years

Size: 2-4 feet

Food habits: Carnivore

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