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Veiled Chameleon

veiled chameleonVeiled Chameleons are a specialized tree-climbing lizard that are masters in catching insects. Their bodies look flattened, like a leaf, which helps them blend in to their surroundings. They also move very slow and have the ability to change color. While the color changing is sometimes for camouflage, it can also signify their emotional state. They often become more brightly colored when frightened, threatened or when courting. Veiled Chameleons are native to Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia and can be found in dry plateaus, mountains and river valleys, preferably in trees, shrubs and bushes. Our veiled chameleon at Sarett is a male and loves to hunt and catch crickets daily with his long, sticky tongue!

Life span: About five years for females and eight years for males

Size: Males – 17-24 inches, Females – 10-14 inches

Food habits: Insectivore