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Wood Shop

bird house 4Sarett’s Wood Shop began in 2012 and has since proved to be a place of useful and artistic craftsmanship. With the donation of woodworking equipment from Jim Neuman and Tom Hurst, the wood shop provides opportunities for beginners and experts alike to create many different projects, such as pens, bat houses, benches, birdhouses, and so much more!

bird house with jimThe Wood Shop is located two driveways before the Nature Center, next to the farmhouse and big barn on Benton Center Road.

Currently, the wood shop holds classes for students from Niles Cedar Lane School (since 2013), homeschooled classes, and weekend programs for Sarett members and the general public. In these classes, students learn important skills applied to woodworking and about the “nature” of their projects or the wood they are working with.

Check out our Event Calendar to see when the next wood shop event is and sign-up today!