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Five-Lined Skink

The five-lined skink is the most common lizard in Michigan, being one of only two species found here. They are named for their five yellow-toned stripes running from their nose to their tail. They can be found in woodland areas, where they are active from May – October. One interesting fact about the skink is its ability to drop its tail if a predator grabs it. The tail of the skink continues to wiggle and the skink is able to get away.

Here at Sarett we have one adult male five-lined skink. While the adult male is tan and orange, the juveniles will display a bright blue tail. Females will keep the blue tail as they mature, but the blue fades on the mature males.

Adult 5-Lined Skink

Life span: 6 years

Size: 6-8 inches

Feeding habits: Carnivore

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