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Event: Plague & Prairie! Magicicada Day Trip


Plague & Prairie! Magicicada Day Trip – June 8, Saturday, 9:00am – 7:30pm – Once every 17 years a “plague of locusts” descends on Chicagoland. Witnessing the songs and sights of millions of emerging cicadas is truly an experience of a lifetime. Join Director Nate Fuller in experiencing the Magicicada (periodic cicadas) of Brood XIII. Sarett vans will drive over to Nate’s hometown of Glenview, Illinois to visit The Grove nature center to celebrate the cicadas. Afterwards we will go to the nearby Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie (named after Nate’s father) to see what’s blooming in one of the ecologically richest prairie remnants in the region. Members/$15, Non-members/$20. Please call (269) 927-4832 to register.