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Dating in the dark

Dating in the Dark is a reality TV show which aired on Sky Living from 2009 to 2011. The premise of the show was that a group of single people would go on dates in a completely dark room, and at the end of the date they would decide whether or not they wanted to see each other again in the light.

It was an interesting concept and gave viewers an insight into how people interact with one another when they can't see the other person's physical appearance. It was an entertaining show, and it made for some interesting conversations about how appearance plays a role in attraction.

The show also explored the idea of love at first sight, as by the end of the date the couples would know if there was an instant connection. It allowed viewers to see how people can connect without just being attracted to someone's physical features.

It was a unique show and it was interesting to watch as the participants navigated their way around the dark room, trying to figure out whether or not they liked who they were spending time with. It was a great way to show that sometimes you need to take off your blinders and give people a chance, regardless of their looks.

Although the show is no longer airing, it still provides a unique perspective on dating and relationships. It showed that attraction can be based on more than just physical looks, and that sometimes giving someone a chance can lead to something special.