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Dating around netflix

Dating Around is a Netflix Original show that follows six different people from different walks of life as they go on five blind dates. The show dives deep into the dating experience, giving viewers an interesting and often emotional look at different kinds of relationships. Each episode follows one person as they go on five blind dates and then decide at the end who they'd like to go on a second date with. The success of the show is due in part to its raw and real look at the dating world.

Unlike traditional dating shows, Dating Around doesn't follow much of a formula or rely on any gimmicks. Instead it focuses on authentic conversations between each person and their potential partners. This helps create an open and honest dialogue between the daters, allowing viewers to get to know them better. Additionally, the shows producers have chosen people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, giving the show a diverse and interesting cast.

The show is also unscripted and unedited, giving viewers an even more authentic look at the dating experience. Dating Around has been praised for its honest and realistic depiction of modern dating. It shows how complicated and unpredictable it can be, while still being fun and entertaining. It also shows how no two daters are the same, which can be refreshing for many viewers.

Overall, Dating Around is an interesting and enjoyable show that gives an honest look at the modern dating scene. It is a great show that anyone can relate to, no matter their background or experience with dating. If you're looking for something different than traditional dating shows, this is definitely worth checking out on Netflix.