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8 simple rules to dating my daughter

If youre about to date my daughter, Im sure you have some questions about what I expect from you. To make it simple, here are 8 simple rules to follow when taking my daughter out on a date.

First, be honest with her. She trusts you and she deserves to know the truth. She also deserves to be respected. Treat her with kindness and dont be afraid to show your affection.

Second, always remember that I am her father and that I need to be informed of where you will be taking her and when you will be back. I need to know who she is with and what your intentions are so that I can trust you and be comfortable with the situation.

Third, always treat her with respect in public as well as in private. This is not only important for her safety but also shows that you care about her and respect her enough to demonstrate it publicly.

Fourth, do not pressure her into doing anything she is not comfortable with. She needs to be able to make her own decisions without feeling guilty or embarrassed.

Fifth, it is important to protect her. This means if there is any danger, such as alcohol or drugs present, immediately remove yourselves from the situation and call me so I can take the appropriate action.

Sixth, always make sure to communicate with her regularly. Let her know you are thinking of her and be available for her if she needs to talk about anything.

Seventh, always be a gentleman. Respect her boundaries and show her that she is worth your time and effort.

Finally, always remember that she is my daughter and I will always love her no matter what. No matter how old she is or what happens, I will always make sure she is safe and happy.