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Summer 2020 News to Know

Butterfly Updates

Bouncing Back from Extinction

A Mitchell’s satyr butterfly from this year.

Good news (and we could all use a little good news these days)- the naturalists at Sarett counted over 60 Mitchell’s satyrs this summer, marking a new record for our site. Mitchell’s satyrs are on the brink of extinction and less than a dozen populations still exist on the planet. Sarett Nature Center is working with many groups to better understand the habitat that supports this rare butterfly including the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Kalamazoo Nature Center, and others.

Holly Cooper, from Kalamazoo Nature Center, installs a climate monitoring station for Mitchell’s satyr butterflies.

Butterfly House is Open!

In other butterfly news, Sarett’s Butterfly House is open! This was made possible thanks to a donation from Darcy Sharon in memory of her mother, Jan. The open mesh covering of the butterfly house allows air flow and sunlight into the butterfly area which greatly reduces the risk of transmitting a virus. We are promoting social distancing practices by asking people to schedule appointments to visit the butterfly house. Visit or call the office at 269-927-4832 to reserve your time. Walk-ins are welcome if space and time allows. When you visit we ask that you please maintain a respectful distance and wear a mask when interacting with our staff.

Naturalist Mike Mahler sits at the entrance of the Butterfly House, checking people in.

August is a wonderful time to visit the butterfly house! The plants are in bloom and there are a lot of butterflies. Please remember that butterflies like warm, sunny days to be active. If it is cold and rainy the butterfly house may be closed due to the weather. Otherwise the butterfly house is open during business hours.

Prices for the 2020 butterfly season is as follows:

Member Adults = $5.00 / Children = $2.00

Non-Member Adults = $7.00 / Children = $3.00

(Children in strollers are free.)

Butterfly House Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Friday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM

Sunday 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Monday Closed

MEMORIALS: Donations were made in loving memory for Jeff Brown, Jeffrey Collier, Dale Gano, Edna Koeneke, Mary “Pat” Kurtz, and Jan Sharon.

2019 Membership Renewals: The second and third quarter membership renewal reminders have gone out. If you receive a reminder notice in the mail please take the time to support Sarett. Membership is a vital part of the nature center’s budget. If you have not renewed, please take a moment to do so. Thank you to all who renewed their memberships. It is greatly appreciated!

Pay Online: Wanting to renew your membership, gift a membership, or make a donation? Use our membership and donation pages on our website. It is secure and very easy to use. Just type in your information, pay and submit.

Currently, the building remains closed, however we are in the office accepting telephone calls.

Trails are  free and open dawn to dusk.   269-927-4832