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March and April 2020 Announcements

  • Books Needed! Are you doing spring cleaning? Or would like to get rid of some books that you no longer want? Sarett will be having a book sale in November to raise money for the nature center. If you have any nature related books that you would like to donate to us we will be taking books now through the end of October. Just bring them by the nature center and we will be happy to move them to our storage area.
  • Birdathon is May 16! Join us for this all day bird watching competition and great fundraising opportunity for your favorite conservation organization. Please contact us if your are interested in joining a team or creating your own team (You only need three to start a group!). If you would like to make a donation to help support Sarett’s teams, please contact us and we will apply your donation to one of our two teams.
  • Native Plant Sale – May 23-24, 2020.
  • The Butterfly House opens to public May 31, 2020.
  • Memorials: Donations were made in memory of Jackie Taglia and Edna Koehneke. Another donation was made in honor of Katie Ballard.
  • 2020 Membership Renewals: The first quarter membership renewal reminders went out the first of the year and second quarter reminders will go out in March. If you receive a reminder notice in the mail please take the time to support Sarett. Membership is a vital part of the nature center’s budget. If you have not renewed, please take a moment to do so. Thank you to all who renewed their memberships in 2019. It is greatly appreciated!
  • Star of the Month: Each month we highlight one of our animals, or animal species, as “Stars of the Month” on a board by our discovery room. In addition to an activity families can do to learn more about the “Stars of the Month,” we thank those who have made contributions to their care the previous year. When you visit this winter please take a moment to visit the  “Stars of the Month:” March = The Lizards, April = King Snake, Black Rat Snake & Ball Python
  • We’ve moved!  In January, we moved our website from .com to .org. This change is because we felt that .org represented our organization better as a non-profit. However, if you accidently type in you will still be directed to our website. Our emails also changed from .com to .org.
  • Butterfly House Volunteers Needed! We are looking for volunteers to work in the Butterfly House during the summer. We are very flexible and will work with your schedule, you just tell us when you’re available. A two hour or more stretch would be appreciated. Butterfly House training is May 1st. If you cannot make this training, but would still like to volunteer, no problem. We will happily train you during your schedule. Contact Laura at 269-927-4832 or