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Nature Notebook – Nature Podcasts

Being a naturalist means you get a lot of questions about nature, the status of animals and plants in our community and the world, and science in general. It’s important to stay up to date on these topics and one easy way to learn a little bit every day is to listen to nature podcasts.

Podcasts are essentially on-demand internet radio talks available on smartphones and computers and are a great way to enrich your mind while still being able to do other things, like driving, walking the dog, doing chores, or just taking a break. There are thousands of podcasts out there on every topic imaginable, but these are some favorite nature and science themed podcasts for adults.

For general nature knowledge, I recommend The 90 Second Naturalist, hosted by the Cincinnati Zoo featuring a short podcast every weekday on a different animal or nature theme. Nature Guys is also based in Ohio, and hosted by a retired Naturalist and a nature lover and features a new nature topic every two weeks. A new favorite is The Wild, where biologist and storyteller Chris Morgan communicates complex nature problems.

Interested in birds? BirdNote, American Birding Podcast, and Talkin’ Birds are all reputable and entertaining.  

Podcasts about the environment and science are also plentiful – Michigan Environment Report, Ologies, Science Friday, and SustainabiliME (a new southwest Michigan podcast) are all on my list. Happy listening!