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Nature Notebook – Sarett’s Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is full of butterflies! Here are some fun factoids to enhance your visit:

  • The longwing family of butterflies (including the Julias, zebra longwings and Gulf fritillary) has learned to dissolve pollen for a meal that is more nutrient-laden than nectar. They can live three to six months…much longer than the average 3-4 weeks of other species.
  • The giant swallowtail is the largest species found in the United States.
  • Julias tickles caiman (small crocodiles) eyes to lap up the salty tears.
  • Painted lady butterflies live on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.
  • Cloudless sulfur butterflies also migrate in the winter. They head for south Florida.
  • Male monarchs dip specialized hairs into their black scent pockets (the spots on the hind wings) and wave them about to attract females.