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Butterfly House

Visit the Butterfly House during the 2020 season! The Butterfly House will close for the season on September 30th, 2020.

zebra longwing butterfly

Learn more about these beautiful flying insects, like this zebra longwing!

Reservations are required when visiting the Butterfly House this season to allow proper social distancing measures. Please use our online booking store to reserve your time to visit the Butterfly House before arriving. Walk-ins will be accepted if there are appointment openings. Please note the butterflies are not active on cold mornings. The best time to visit is on a warm or sunny day.

Butterfly House Hours:

Tuesday-Friday      10:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday               10:00am – 4:00pm

Sunday                   1:00pm – 4:00pm

The Butterfly House is closed all day Monday.

The last reservation time begins at 3:30 to visit the Butterfly House. 

Admission to the Butterfly House: 

Sarett Members – $5.00/Adult, $2.00/Child

Non-Members – $7.00/Adult, $3.00/Child

  • Each visitation starts on every quarter hour and lasts for 20 minutes. Please wear a mask when interacting with Sarett staff.

  • While inside the Butterfly House, we ask that you please walk calmly, touch the butterflies with only your eyes, and enjoy the beauty of the butterflies.

  • The main Nature Center building remains closed at this time. The Butterfly House does not have restrooms, but there is one porta John available by the trailhead. 

  • Please remember our butterfly house is a netted facility. The weather outside is the weather inside the butterfly house. The butterflies are most active on hot, sunny days!

  • When you arrive at the Butterfly House for your scheduled visit, please wait outside the Butterfly House entrance, located across the driveway from the main Nature Center building. A staff member will greet you outside, confirm your scheduled visit, go over the rules for the Butterfly House and tell you when to go in. Another staff member or volunteer will be in the Butterfly House to monitor and answer any questions you have about the butterflies!

  • The Butterfly House is a one-way path this season to allow for proper social distancing.